Starkid School and Rescue Centre was established in 2005 by Mrs. Rosalyn Kimatu, a Kenyan educator and early childhood education expert. Rosalyn, who herself comes from a humble background, observed that many of the children from the slums near her home did not attend school.

The reason was simple: their parents lacked even the small amounts needed to pay for uniforms and school fees.

Working with a small loan she soon found a plot of land in the Githogoro slum and began teaching. At first, she had just three students and she herself served as their teacher. By the end of the first term she had 23 pupils and three teachers. From that humble beginning, Starkid was born.

Today, Starkid has an enrollment of more than 230 children, including 38 orphans and vulnerable children all of whom live full-time in the school’s residential block.  Well over half the children’s families pay no, or greatly reduced, fees

Starkid School and Rescue Centre is registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology reg. no. PR/S/1/6050/14 (http://www.education.go.ke/home/)

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