K and kindergarteners
K and Kindergarteners




Throughout its history Starkid students have performed exceptionally and disproportionately, well in national exams.
Starkids Rescue Centeris home to 38 orphaned and vulnerable children in primary and secondary school. These children are victims of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence and crime. Without Starkid many would almost certainly fall victim to drug and sex trafficking.

Studies show that providing early childhood education gives all students, especially those from poor families, a step up on their academics

Because so many Starkid students live in poverty, the school provides a breakfast and lunch for the children. For all too many it is the most important and most nutritious meal of the day.

Most Starkid students are unable to pay all or even part of the school’s fees. The annual cost of attending Starkid School is US $500. The need for sponsorship and the supply of basic needs such as uniforms, school supplies, toiletries, and medical care is constant.

Starkid School consists of a kindergarten, primary and secondary school and is registered with the Kenya Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Giving out lunch at the last day of school before summer holidays

Additionally, we are currently building a new boarding school outside of Nairobi to give up to 100 abandoned and orphaned children a new home. We started this project a few years ago and can already host our junior secondary class. We still need two more facilities to fulfill our and the students’ dream of a full functioning boarding school. Every donation helps us to get one step closer!

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